Welcome to the BEAGLES UNLIMITED, the oldest, largest and most frequently visited Beagle information website on the Internet. This website has a completely FREE, online Beagling magazine as well as a virtual, online library for all types of information about the world’s greatest hunting dog and family pet — the Beagle. This website has been posted on the Internet since January 25, 1994. This magazine and website will provide you with the best and most thorough Beagling information available anywhere. I hope all visitors find the website articles, magazine articles, photographs, chat rooms, bulletin board (which includes 6 different forums and FREE classified/want ads), guest book, maps, mailing list, directories, and the many databases on this website as truly useful information. I welcome all suggestions on how to improve this magazine and website so this will stay your favorite stopping off place for all Beagle information.

BEAGLES UNLIMITED welcomes articles from all experienced Beaglers with an expertise in Beagle breeding, rabbit hunting, gundog Beagle field trialing, canine veterinary information, canine obedience and agility training, gundog Beagle bench shows, varmint hunting, rabbit recipes, firearms safety, marksmanship, and any and all other Beagle related topics. The magazine portion of this website posts new articles on the first of every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov) during the year. The BU Magazine has some of the most knowledgeable Beaglers from around the world as Field Writers on its magazine staff. If you have an expertise on the breed and love to share your knowledge, I invite you to please join #1 Beagle writing team — The BEAGLES UNLIMITED Magazine Staff.

The reason the editor (Don) spends 1000s of hours developing, updating, and maintaining this online magazine and public information website is to promote the sports of Beagling and rabbit hunting to a worldwide audience. He believes all Beagles should be bred with the genetic traits that make them great hunters, whether or not the hound is ever used for hunting. Don and many other Beaglers worldwide feel that the primary breeding concern of every Beagle breeder should be to keep this breed’s proud hunting heritage alive for future generations through proper breeding. He never wants to see the Beagle breed turned into “non-hunting” show dogs or “walkie-talkie” brace dogs. This website will show and educate all visitors on the fact that Beagles are rabbit hunting hounds and that running hounds for pleasure or rabbit hunting can be a beautiful thing. Rabbit hunting for food and sport is an integral part of wildlife conservation and the American Hunting Heritage. Beagles that are properly bred to keep their superb hunting instincts, also make the absolute, greatest family pets, gundog bench show dogs, field trial hounds, and agility/obedience/tracking competition dogs. Beagles are part of the hound group and are one of the oldest breeds of hunting dog in the world. Please, join the editor and the entire BEAGLES UNLIMITED Magazine staff in their quest to keep the “hunting instinct and traits” in Beagles so the beautiful hunting ancestry of the Beagle will live on forever.

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