Every year, casinos receive tens of thousands of resumes from people that are interested in becoming a casino dealer. Most of these resumes are tossed because of the fact that most people do not know what kind of experience that they need to become a casino dealer. As a business advisor who has worked with casinos, I can let you in on the secret to becoming a casino dealer.

The most important item that you need to have on your resume, if you plan on becoming a casino dealer, is where you were trained. If you took the required classes at one of the casino dealer schools across the country, you have a good chance of getting a job as a casino dealer.

Every major city that allows casino gambling will have a casino dealer school. You do not have to fly off to Las Vegas to get trained. These schools are not free. Many of them are very expensive to enroll in, but many will be able to guarantee you a job once you have completed your classes.

Casino dealer schools will teach you how to deal all of the major games. While they do offer, “graduation,” to people that have only learned how to deal a few games, casinos are more interested in casino dealers that they would be able to move around from one game to another based on need. Just like in the regular business world, flexibility can make a huge difference in your resume moving up the line.

For obvious reasons, none of the major casino dealer schools offer online classes. It is impossible to teach the proper techniques for shuffling and dealing without being there in person. Plus, the instructors would not be able to see how you would handle live situations that might present themselves in a casino environment.

If you are interested in becoming a casino dealer, check out the dealer schools that are in your area. If you are near a city that allows casino gambling, chances are good that you will have at least a few to choose from. If you are near one of the major gambling cities like Las Vegas, Reno, or Atlantic City, you will have a lot more choices to choose from.