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Mobile Casinos: Las Vegas In Your Phone

New gaming products like Slot Pulsa tanpa potongan are constantly emerging in the sphere of gambling. At first traditional casinos were replaced by online casinos which let users play online casino games without leaving the house, the only things they needed were the computer and the Internet access. But online casino software developers have gone even further and new mobile casino solutions appeared. Now you can play online via your mobile phone at any time of the day and from any place.

Everything is designed for our convenience and not an hour without our favorite game – these can be considered the main peculiarities of the mobile casino. Having taking into consideration how much time people spend on the public transport going to work and from work, we can see how much valuable time is wasted. Of course, you can read a book on the metro but you can also spend time more excitingly and maybe with some profit to your finance. You just have to download the mobile casino into your phone and enjoy your favorite games whenever you would like to do it.

The mobile casino is suitable even for very busy gambling fans as it provides the access to their favorite games in any convenient circumstances or when they have only one free minute. The access to the mobile casino is very simple. Practically every person has got a mobile device with the Internet access. You just have to make sure that your mobile device supports the …

Beagles, Boys And Bunnies In The North Country

Up north, in Minnesota, winter lasts a long time and the rabbits run big. We hunt lots of public land and literally have hundreds of acres to ourselves once the deer season’s over. From December until mid-April we can use public land but after April 13 the public land closes to dog training until August. The hunting season, however, ends at the end of February so there’s almost six weeks that old bugs gets chased with out the threat of some chilled six shot. In spring, the bucks cover a lot of ground and really lay down scent. On the other hand, for about the same six week period from August to the end of September Mr. Bunny can get chased but not gunned; and in August rabbit numbers are usually up.

That’s when my ten year old son, Fergus, and I find three or four evenings a week to train what he calls “The Falls Creek Pack”. We load the hounds in the kennel and in five minutes we’re at a good running spot. There’s cover for every preference. We have small pine stands, river bottom willows, and thickets of wild raspberry, plum trees and crown vetch.

On this March evening we choose river willows and thickets surrounded by an open field. My son handles the dogs and lets Roxy off with the command to “get on”. Then he lets Donna follow. The dogs know this place and start hunting cover that has produced rabbits in the past. Roxy …

Running Agility With Confidence

It took a long time before I felt confident that NEA and I would have a nice, consistent run on an agility course. During the first 1 ½ years of competition with her, she completed 1, maybe 2 courses.  Most of her time was spent running out of the ring in search of something other than the nervous, screaming maniac I had become. In fact, someone once said to me, “I now know what the letters NEA stand for…Not Enjoying Agility.” That hurt.

I decided that I needed to investigate how I could change my attitude so I would have a Beagle on the line that would not only enjoy the sport, but would want to stay in the ring with me to do it. Thus began a soul-searching period that not only helped me to relax, but gave my Beagle confidence in me, which in turn gave me confidence in her.

What I did was realize that agility is fun. It is what I do as a hobby, because not only do I get to spend time with my dogs, but I get to run courses and decipher challenges…make decisions that are not life or death…realize that my dog will love me no matter how well or poorly we perform. I am a competitive person by nature so it was difficult for me to tone down my expectations, but once I realized that I was placing unrealistic expectations on me and my Beagle, it helped me to put things …

The Dominoes Of Cloward-Piven

In 1966, two Columbia University sociologists, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, collaborated on a theory to end poverty in the United States. This theory, today, is referred to as the “Cloward-Piven Strategy.” People who are familiar with the likes of Saul Alinsky and William Ayers are familiar with the strategy, as are the full complement of the Progressive Movement. In a nutshell, the underlying principle of the Cloward-Piven Strategy is to so overload the entitlement system – to add so many to the entitlement rolls, that the country’s economic system collapses, unleashing chaos and violence in the streets, thus affecting radical Leftist political change in government. Up until recently this theory has been just that, a theory, and a theory that anarchists and Progressives have salivated over for their want of execution. But today, we are seeing the fruits of the Cloward-Piven Strategy played out to success in Greece and several other financial destitute countries in Europe.

To briefly summarize the Cloward-Piven Strategy, I turn to Richard Poe who wrote an article of the same name, which is featured at

Mr. Poe observes that Mr. Cloward and Ms. Piven sought (and “seeks,” in the case of Ms. Piven) to facilitate the fall of Capitalism by “overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.” Mr. Poe explained that Cloward and Piven saw the so-called “ruling class” as using entitlements to “weaken the poor;” to make the poor dependent …

House Hunters

Watch House Hunters, Season 113 | Prime Video

Christmas day had arrived and I was a bit apprehensive about giving her the puppy. My wife to be, wanted a dog, and being the frugal gentleman that I am I decided that a cute, cuddly seventy-five dollar Beagle was as good as a big hulking four-hundred dollar black lab. The only problem was she wanted the black lab.

Since that day my wife has become a bigger Beagle advocate than I am. We have accepted not only one but two Beagles into our household and contrary to all I had ever been told, both have become proficient hunters.

While I am not trying to persuade every Beagle owner to open their houses up and make room for their dogs, I want potential Beagle owners and people who are looking for a pet/hunting dog to know that keeping a beagle in the house is not necessarily bad thing in terms of hunting. I hunt with several different Beaglers who kennel their hounds outside, these dogs are excellent hunters and give their owner the desired results of dead rabbits.

While rabbit hunting and field trials are certainly enough reason to want a Beagle, I wanted a house dog. Keeping my Beagles in the house has allowed us to constantly interact. They know I am the Alpha male. I have found that my hounds listen significantly better than those that are kept outside, and as most all Beagle owners know this is an invaluable asset. I have found no evidence in either …

Understanding Your Dog&Apos;S World

Time and time again I’ve heard people voice concerns about how their Beagle(s) does this or that.  To humans the behaviors are confusing, but if we put ourselves in our dog’s place the behavior would be completely understood. As humans we make the mistake of projecting our social morays onto our pets. We assume because we are the humans our dogs automatically understand we are their superiors. This simply isn’t so. If we are truly the “superior” species then it is up to us to understand our Beagles perspective, and help them fit their Dog World into our world.

RESPECT: Who’s the “big dog” in your house? You think it’s you, right? Not if you haven’t made it clear to your Beagle. Just because you control the food time, play time, and sleep time doesn’t mean you will have your Beagles respect.  The concept of you controlling these things is lost on your Beagle. It’s up to you to train your beagle and, frankly, I have very little patience for people who whine about their pets doing this or that if they haven’t spent any time training the animal and helping them to understand who is “boss”. So get a good training book, get up off your butt, turn the TV off, and work with your Beagle or find a trainer who understands hounds and work with them on training. Respect is not free…it’s earned, especially in your Dog’s World.

POSSESSIVENESS: Desensitizing your Beagle is a very important part …

More On Inbreeding

The beginning Beagler can easily get the wrong idea about inbreeding. He may see other successful breeders making close matings, such as brother-sister, father-daughter, and mother-son crosses, with seemingly good results, and therefore may come to the conclusion that it is the best road to success. This simply is not true. Inbreeding, as I have said previously, can be like “playing with fire” if you don’t start with absolute top-notch individuals; and even then there can be many hidden surprises. Hence, the breeder must be ready and willing to cull out any and all faulty hounds that result from close matings. He must also select the right individuals to carry on the line. One misstep here and he’ll soon know it.

Each succeeding generation multiplies the chances of more firmly imbedding, not only the good qualities the he (the breeder) is trying to sustain, but also the undesirable traits and hidden weaknesses that he would do well to avoid. So, you see, you’ve got to get rid of every weakness when it appears or else you are going to have it around “haunting” you from then on.

If you have a hound that is strictly the product of outcrossing, then that hound will have 62 different individual ancestors in his five generation pedigree. If you mate him to his sister the ensuing litter would have only 32 individual ancestors. Then, if you continue the brother-sister matings on through, say the fifth generation, you will cut down the ancestry enormously.

The …

Fido Come – Tips On Calling Your Dog

Always reward your puppy for coming to you. Puppies can be rewarded with petting, verbal praise, a treat, a toy, play, or a combination of the above. Mix up the rewards your puppy gets to make it even more exciting.

Don’t ever chase or grab at your puppy when you call him. Neither will make your puppy want to come to you next time. Your puppy needs to learn to come to you when called; allow him to do that!

Never call your puppy to punish him, or for any activity your puppy views as unpleasant. Remember rule #1: Your puppy is always rewarded for coming to you. If your puppy is engaging in inappropriate behavior, you go to him and distract him or trade with him for a treat or toy, depending on the behavior. For instance, if your puppy starts to chew on the table leg simply distract him from the table and give him a toy in its place praising him for chewing on that.

Make yourself easy to come to. Standing up straight, even leaning slightly back, will make you much more approachable to your puppy. Bending over and leaning toward the puppy looks scary from the puppy’s point of view, (remember body language and what is says) and he will not want to come close to you. If necessary, you can sit or kneel to attract your puppy to you.…


Surf’s crash, the chorus… Old men reading books aloud,

Coffee shop Elijah’s, and everyone listens. Kettle drum hearts beating loud.

Arterial opus conducted from tongue to ear,

as the gulls and terns scream their approval. ___________________________________ Tongue to ear, the sounds… Words… Whispers, Emotions, singing choruses of indigo blues smiling… Laughing… Whispers, My secret. ________________________________

My secret? None really, searching for secrets? Always, but then again, knowledge is not a secret. It is a treasure box, to be searched for and opened. To revel in the riches that reside therein. Secrets? Not really Knowledge, yes, knowledge. _____________________________________

Yes knowledge, It has been said that there have been many who have read themselves stupid.

Rather than communing with their intellect, they suckle at the breast of opinion and hearsay.

Knowledge, wisdom, the ability to reason independently from didactic, dungeon dwelling trolls,

waiting for you to cross the bridge of life’s experience and charging you a toll for the privilege…

_______________________________________ Black chalk renderings on a stark white board.

Bone white, skeletal Lines quiver, eel.

Dark eyed mistress, rotten apple on the desk,

teaching tykes mortality bone finger tutor less. _____________________________________

Sky tears October, me with no umbrella, Lacrimae has come. I lay a wreath at the tomb of the fallen leaf…

How To Get A Job As A Casino Dealer

Every year, casinos receive tens of thousands of resumes from people that are interested in becoming a casino dealer. Most of these resumes are tossed because of the fact that most people do not know what kind of experience that they need to become a casino dealer. As a business advisor who has worked with casinos, I can let you in on the secret to becoming a casino dealer.

The most important item that you need to have on your resume, if you plan on becoming a casino dealer, is where you were trained. If you took the required classes at one of the casino dealer schools across the country, you have a good chance of getting a job as a casino dealer.

Every major city that allows casino gambling will have a casino dealer school. You do not have to fly off to Las Vegas to get trained. These schools are not free. Many of them are very expensive to enroll in, but many will be able to guarantee you a job once you have completed your classes.

Casino dealer schools will teach you how to deal all of the major games. While they do offer, “graduation,” to people that have only learned how to deal a few games, casinos are more interested in casino dealers that they would be able to move around from one game to another based on need. Just like in the regular business world, flexibility can make a huge difference in your resume moving …