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Christmas day had arrived and I was a bit apprehensive about giving her the puppy. My wife to be, wanted a dog, and being the frugal gentleman that I am I decided that a cute, cuddly seventy-five dollar Beagle was as good as a big hulking four-hundred dollar black lab. The only problem was she wanted the black lab.

Since that day my wife has become a bigger Beagle advocate than I am. We have accepted not only one but two Beagles into our household and contrary to all I had ever been told, both have become proficient hunters.

While I am not trying to persuade every Beagle owner to open their houses up and make room for their dogs, I want potential Beagle owners and people who are looking for a pet/hunting dog to know that keeping a beagle in the house is not necessarily bad thing in terms of hunting. I hunt with several different Beaglers who kennel their hounds outside, these dogs are excellent hunters and give their owner the desired results of dead rabbits.

While rabbit hunting and field trials are certainly enough reason to want a Beagle, I wanted a house dog. Keeping my Beagles in the house has allowed us to constantly interact. They know I am the Alpha male. I have found that my hounds listen significantly better than those that are kept outside, and as most all Beagle owners know this is an invaluable asset. I have found no evidence in either …