Month: November 2020

More On Inbreeding

The beginning Beagler can easily get the wrong idea about inbreeding. He may see other successful breeders making close matings, such as brother-sister, father-daughter, and mother-son crosses, with seemingly good results, and therefore may come to the conclusion that it is the best road to success. This simply is not true. Inbreeding, as I have said previously, can be like “playing with fire” if you don’t start with absolute top-notch individuals; and even then there can be many hidden surprises. Hence, the breeder must be ready and willing to cull out any and all faulty hounds that result from close matings. He must also select the right individuals to carry on the line. One misstep here and he’ll soon know it.

Each succeeding generation multiplies the chances of more firmly imbedding, not only the good qualities the he (the breeder) is trying to sustain, but also the undesirable traits and hidden weaknesses that he would do well to avoid. So, you see, you’ve got to get rid of every weakness when it appears or else you are going to have it around “haunting” you from then on.

If you have a hound that is strictly the product of outcrossing, then that hound will have 62 different individual ancestors in his five generation pedigree. If you mate him to his sister the ensuing litter would have only 32 individual ancestors. Then, if you continue the brother-sister matings on through, say the fifth generation, you will cut down the ancestry enormously.

The …

Fido Come – Tips On Calling Your Dog

Always reward your puppy for coming to you. Puppies can be rewarded with petting, verbal praise, a treat, a toy, play, or a combination of the above. Mix up the rewards your puppy gets to make it even more exciting.

Don’t ever chase or grab at your puppy when you call him. Neither will make your puppy want to come to you next time. Your puppy needs to learn to come to you when called; allow him to do that!

Never call your puppy to punish him, or for any activity your puppy views as unpleasant. Remember rule #1: Your puppy is always rewarded for coming to you. If your puppy is engaging in inappropriate behavior, you go to him and distract him or trade with him for a treat or toy, depending on the behavior. For instance, if your puppy starts to chew on the table leg simply distract him from the table and give him a toy in its place praising him for chewing on that.

Make yourself easy to come to. Standing up straight, even leaning slightly back, will make you much more approachable to your puppy. Bending over and leaning toward the puppy looks scary from the puppy’s point of view, (remember body language and what is says) and he will not want to come close to you. If necessary, you can sit or kneel to attract your puppy to you.…


Surf’s crash, the chorus… Old men reading books aloud,

Coffee shop Elijah’s, and everyone listens. Kettle drum hearts beating loud.

Arterial opus conducted from tongue to ear,

as the gulls and terns scream their approval. ___________________________________ Tongue to ear, the sounds… Words… Whispers, Emotions, singing choruses of indigo blues smiling… Laughing… Whispers, My secret. ________________________________

My secret? None really, searching for secrets? Always, but then again, knowledge is not a secret. It is a treasure box, to be searched for and opened. To revel in the riches that reside therein. Secrets? Not really Knowledge, yes, knowledge. _____________________________________

Yes knowledge, It has been said that there have been many who have read themselves stupid.

Rather than communing with their intellect, they suckle at the breast of opinion and hearsay.

Knowledge, wisdom, the ability to reason independently from didactic, dungeon dwelling trolls,

waiting for you to cross the bridge of life’s experience and charging you a toll for the privilege…

_______________________________________ Black chalk renderings on a stark white board.

Bone white, skeletal Lines quiver, eel.

Dark eyed mistress, rotten apple on the desk,

teaching tykes mortality bone finger tutor less. _____________________________________

Sky tears October, me with no umbrella, Lacrimae has come. I lay a wreath at the tomb of the fallen leaf…