I don’t know the best way to start a Beagle club; but I had the good luck to have a small part in the formation of Tokeena Beagle Club of Westminster, SC. Some of what we did may be of help to some one who has plans for a club. Before you start, be prepared to work. It takes a lot of work to start a Beagle club and a lot of work to operate a club. Most of the work was done with a chain saw, pick and shovel, hammer and paint brush. I did some of the fence building, but I was lucky enough to get the job of doing the paper work.

I guess the best place to start, would be “Why”. There could be several good reasons to have a Beagle club and any reason to have a place to enjoy Beagling would be a good reason . When we started Tokeena I don’t think there was a registered dog among us, and field trialing wasn’t even considered. We started as a group of hunters wanting a place to run and train our dogs in the summer months, and evolved into a Gundog Beagle Club. ┬áSince we started Tokeena, the game laws have been changed here in South Carolina to allow for year round running of rabbits.

We didn’t think much about the fact that we were building a club that would be a place to:

  1. get together to run dogs , buy and sell and