Month: May 2020

Predator Calling For Rabbit Eaters

There are basically four factors that determine the number of rabbits and hares that live in any given area and they are cover or habitat, food, disease, and predators. First of all, cover or habitat is a must for rabbits so that as many as possible can hide from predators and survive. We have seen several articles on how to increase the amount of available cover by planting brushy vegetation, leaving in fence rows, and by adding man-made brush piles. Secondly, food is an important factor since all animals need food to survive. Simply by planting some strips of legumes, leaving a couple rows of corn, or by adding food piles to our favorite hunting spots or beagle hunting grounds we can dramatically increase the bunny populations. Thirdly, disease is a factor that we as hunters have little or no control over. We could possible try to lower parasite (tick, flea, lice, mosquito) populations somehow or even add antibiotics to the rabbit feed we place in the wild in hopes of warding off bacterial diseases. The amount of success in eliminating rabbit diseases is bleak at beast and most likely too costly if it even were possible. Lastly, the factor concerning the number of predators is very important and the greatest predators of rabbits (other than man) are varmints. According to many Game Wardens, varmints such as bobcats, coyotes, and foxes eat as many as 50 to 100 rabbits each per year. Therefore, if all Beaglers …

Casino Guide To Seattle And Puget Sound Area

Casinos abound in and around Seattle and the Puget Sound area. With everything from Las Vegas style casinos to the smaller, local venues offering casino games – there is bound to be something here for your gambling liking. The casinos discussed in this article are mentioned from northernmost to southernmost, as best as can be.

The Silver Dollar Casino and Restaurant is found in Mount Lake Terrace, Washington. This Seattle-area casino is physically located at 7004 220th Street Southwest. Operating hours are from 10am to 6am daily. The casino offers 15 table games. There is one onsite restaurant (of course) that serves Asian cuisine. Call them at 425-775-5677 for more information.

Enter the city of Shoreline and the gambler will find the casino known as the Drift On Inn Roadhouse Casino. The physical address is 16708 Aurora Avenue North. The operating hours of this Seattle-area are 11:30am to 7:30am daily. The casino offers 15 table games and some card room games. There are two onsite restaurants located at this casino. One amenity included here is valet parking. Call them at 206-546-8040 for more information.

Located not far from the Edmonds ferry terminal is the city of Bothell. Bothell is a popular city housing many who work in the Seattle area. Here one will find the casino known as Silver Dollar Casino – Mill Creek. The physical address is 17917 Bothell Everett Highway, Bothell. The casino operating hours are from 10am to 6am daily. They offer 4 table games. There is …