Over the years I have heard a lot of advice about picking Beagle puppies. Some of it was good sound advice and some was just advice. 

I once had a friend tell me to always pick the one in the litter with the most black on it.  He said the puppy with the most black always makes the best dog. 

I have also heard, always pick the runt pup.  I never knew what being the smallest had to do with being the best. 

Years of picking bad puppies has taught me what every Beagle owner should know.  It has to be a good breeding and healthy litter or you don't want to pick any from it. 

A good breeding is only made when the two parents are good dogs from a long line of good dogs.  Just breeding dogs to raise puppies creates a few good dogs just by dumb luck.  Picking that good puppy from a litter like this takes even more dumb luck. 

It always helps to have a pattern to go by.  If this breeding has been done before find out all you can about all the puppies it produced.  

You will not be able to do that if this a first time breeding of these two dogs.  Researching dogs from breedings between the two bloodlines involved is very helpful if available. 

After doing all your homework and are satisfied this litter should have a good percentage of the type puppy you want you are almost ready. …